Brown Sugar Scrub Body Polish in Whipped Shea

We think this is the perfect brown sugar scrub. It looks delicious. I love sugar scrubs, but always disliked the sugar sitting in a pool of oil, the perfect solution, we took our Whipped Shea Butter Body Soufflé (Also Listed) and folded in a generous helping of brown sugar.

This scrub is beneficial in so many ways. You receive the benefits of the exfoliation of that top dead layer of skin, as your skin absorbs Shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut Oil. You will glow, and our scents are divine.

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil do not clog pores, they absorb quickly into the skin. Shea Butter is naturally packed full of vitamin E, A & F. We add an extra dose of vitamin E as well.

Please take measures to prevent water from entering the jar

For use in shower or tub, take a small scoop in your hand, and exfoliate all those rough areas, rinse off and towel off, leaving a moisturized glow, and a delicious scent.

Please be careful when using any scrub as oil will make shower, or tub slippery.

You will receive an 8 ounce Cobalt Blue PET container of our scrub.

The scrub is available in (3) scents at this time that correspond with our Body Soufflé

  1. Fig & Brown Sugar (the favorite)
    2. Creamy Coconut
    3. Grapefruit Lavender
  2. Ships from United States
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